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Line arts:15 U$

No matter if is a headshot,half body(full body not avalible,sorry guys =/)the price is the same.For now i just work with this two options because:
- I trust myself that i can reach good resuts.
-I still praticing complete painting,so bare with me.

I can work with 90% kind of characters,i can even develop a new for one,just make sure to give me a good description of what you want.
Trust me,i'm artist.
Lol,really,i know people say is too cheap,but i need make money quikly,so i won't ask to much,and one of the reasons i'm doing this is for improve my portifolio and the other i'll explain soon,but if you want a commission,you will have to agree with my rules:

-I can and i'll use on my personal portifolio,but you always wil have a escpecial place and the deserved credits on the finished artwork.I won't claim the art is 100% mine.
-I use a lot of stock pictures as reference,i hope you're ok with it.
-It take at leat 2 weeks to be done,the time can change,depends of the kind of commissions.
-PAYMENT via PayPal.
-I can work with 50%/50% or you pay the final price before i work.I won't start to work until i recieve the payment or 50% of it.
-You can have your money back if i'm not able to finish or other issue.
-You have until 3 days after the payment to cancel you commission.



Thinking on do a "Series" of Illustrations to my portifolio,wich idea seems less crap? 

4 deviants said My OCs as Tarot cards
No deviants said An Illustration to the main wars in history
No deviants said My OC's background history(or new ones)
No deviants said Mental Disorders
No deviants said Other(Comment)


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Julia Lima
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hey kids,wanna buy some art?

Adobe Photoshop Stamp by SoulTutorial Illustrator Stamp by mushir Dreamweaver Stamp by mushir

My painting pay my bills... by emmil

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Welcome to my gallery,i shall be ou guide,please,follow me


Mutter (WIP) by NuclearDisaster
Mutter (WIP)
Die Tränen greiser Kinderschar
Ich zieh sie auf ein weisses Haar
Werf in die Luft die nasse Kette
Und wünsch mir, dass ich eine Mutter hätte

I started this drawing a last year but i just finished past month,i didn't like the result at all,maybe i'll change it,maybe i'll re do it.I think i'll just change it cause this is already the second version.The first one had a very sexy demon but it wasn't what i wanted to,i wanted something more like a motherly figure,o on this drawing i made her a bit more chubby and with propotions a bit more realistic.

Never mind,in case i never finish or work on this drawing again,i'll tell a bit more of this char a bit here:

Anya is the goddess/god of mercy and forgiveness,there's no sin bad enough for her,no matter your past,your appearance,she will take evryone under her win...horns.To be honest,it can be said she is a hermaphrodite(note the symbols on her/his belly but 
i'll refer as 'she') It was of the most powerfull creatures on the deepest part of hell,but it 'too kind' nature make it get exiled,condemned to live among mortals until th end of times.During it's exile it manage to create a own realm,and was on this realm it raise all her four childrens.All of them was banished an rejected for diferent reasons.

Two of them i think i already drew it once.
On it right arm it holding Lilith,a hybrid of demon and angel abandoned for all creatures alive and undead. When Anya find her,wandering all alone she felt pity toward that poor creature,when she find out Lilith had nowhere to go,Anya waste no time on adopt her.She was her first Daughter .The two of them was very attached,until Lilth start to grew up and attract people who just want to corrupt her pure nature,cause she was the unique of her kind,and it make Liltih a very valiable creature.At first Anya covered her with a cloth and make she use a porcelain mask and forbid Lilith to leave the realm Anya created in fear someone capture or do something against her,but as the time goes Lilith grew tired to hide herelf under her horns and curiosity got the best of her,when Anya lower her guards,Lilith escape and came to human's realm,here she discover her truth powers and weakness and waste no time on test them on humans,at first,she didn't nothing physical just haunting and laying with mortals whatever she pleases while they sleep(like a succubus) until the day she fallen for a mortal.She even revealed her true self,taking of her mask and the cloth it covered her,there was when Anya finally found her.Felling betrayed by her own daughter,Anya chained Lilith in a way she couldn't reavel any piece of herself again(you can see the chainst and all here>> Lilith) as for the mortal who corrupted her daughter,he was bring to Anya's realm to suffer for all eternity,lilith still able to see him,but with her now limited powers,she can't  do nothing against it.

Wrapper on the left legs is 'Justice',her origins as her own name is unknow.She is the most 'pacific' among her brothers,she is Anya's second daugther,and she choose to become 'Justice" Watching her own family and the wars between humans.(i never though much for this char,actually i just drew it there cause  need just more one char for the pic look cool,i was digging on my old works until i found this>> Justice and then i though "yeah,i think it will look cool)

(Sorry,i just wrote a bio for three characters,sorry ><)
(Btw,sorry for typos,i'm on my phone after all XD )

I started to create this creature to be like a new religion it will be present on my future stories,sorry is the char's description is a crap,is just a preview.If i work on more illustrations like that i'll tell more about them.So what do you guys think?

A)Is cool,you should keep working on pics like that.
B)I didn't understan a thing.
C)For fuck's sake Julia,what? '-'

All chars above (c) Julia Lima

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The Destroyer by NuclearDisaster
The Destroyer
Not mine,i found on a facebook page and i love it,but the original image had a bad quality and was very small,so i vectorized it :la: it took just 2 hours(with breaks for coffe and stuff XD) 
Damn,i need a t-shirt with this on it :D

I'll put the credits when i find the artist

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Journal Entry: Thu Feb 19, 2015, 2:10 PM
Hey people,here all the accounts i have for now.Of you want to see what i'm doing,what inspire me or some ramdom crazy shit i like,here's the way:




Facebook fanpage
Coming soon!

Journal design by Simmemann
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Happy Valentine's day everyone! Is funny 'celebrate' this now,cause here we celebrate this in June,12 XD

Well,i just like holidays when i get a day off from classes or is a good excuse to eat/drink like there's no tomorrow,otherwise i don't give a fuck about it.

Uh...that's all i can say for now,but here's my playlist for today

TV on the radio-Will do [link]
TV on the radio-You [link]
Incubus-Love hurts [link]
Pearl Jam-Last Kiss [link]
Queens of the stone age-I appear missing [link]
Die Antwoord-Ugly boy [link]
Johnny Cash-Hurt [link]
Dear Reader-Took them away [link]
Rammstein-Pussy [link] [+18] XD
Metallica-Nothing else matters [link]
Pale-Too much [link]
Wolfsheim-Find you'r gone [link]
Kiss- I was made for loving you [link]
Eminem-Space bound [link]
Vok-Tension [link]

Isn't my favorite ones,okay a few of them,but is all 'love releated'(even if in a bad way) i could find on the depts of my mind,Enjoy Meow :3 

this part i ust wrote cause feel in the mood to write,feel free to ignore.

So,things here just keep geting worse,ot jsut my personal life as my "professional life",but here i'll just mention my artistic life.

It almost doesnt exist,i submited a picture of a contest entry i made,and i lost.Not just that entry as a lot of ones(nope,i won't post) keep getting rejected over and over again.I don't think i'm so bad,like that was the winners:

I'm not saying i'm the best but i keep losing for stupid things.That isntt the fun part,my portiflio was rejected by a shit studio it make t-shirts designs.I don't know if was for my lack of ability or what i draw.I guess is both.
Well,i got no job and i'm desperate need a new notebook to keep studying,this one i'm using is not bad,but i can work on this.Hell is a 7 years old notebook! Needless to say that lately the plastic parts start to crack -_-
Lately all the money i was able to make was 10,is can't barely take a bus to school with this.I need 14 per day XD

Yep,i'm pissed off cause my art sucks XD

Pay the bills and buy food is getting hard,dudes.I never mind on spend of food but when it's 17,30 for a kg of vegetables and the gas is around 5 per liter is nearly impossible to help my family '-'
And lately i really needing money,cause..things of my personal life.Nothing too bad happened(yet) but i wanna have some money when the time comes.If you know someone who need a commissions(i'll do almost everything) and don't mind pay taxes(via paypal) or use another method(like Western Union) to pay,i'll be here :D (Big Grin)
That's all,freaks 0/
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Journal Entry: Thu Feb 19, 2015, 2:10 PM
Hey people,here all the accounts i have for now.Of you want to see what i'm doing,what inspire me or some ramdom crazy shit i like,here's the way:




Facebook fanpage
Coming soon!

Journal design by Simmemann
  • Mood: Satisfied
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  • Playing: The Evil Within
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